Hola! I am Genesis!

I am an ex corporate public relations specialist who one day woke up, gave in her 2 weeks notice and decided to LIVE DOING WHAT SHE LOVES.

So who am I now? I am a curly haired actress, singer, model, professional tree hugger and Falafel addict from the BRONX, NY. (Yes, I put the BRONX in all caps because my borough needs to get more love!)

My journey began at the age of 8 when I began studying classical music, music theory and voice with "High bridge Voices," and completed my studies at 18. During those years, I performed on Good Morning America, Footloose, The Today Show, Little Shop of Horrors, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Walt Disney's Children in Harmony – just to name a few.  I also started experimenting with modeling and was featured on Seventeen Magazine, Teen Vogue and even participated in several pageants.

However, my performing career came to a halt when I attended Mount Saint Mary College to get my bachelors in  Public Relations and Psychology. I knew I wanted to make difference in the world therefore, I tried to convince myself that I wanted to become a doctor. Little did I know that years after graduating college and working in corporate America, I would partake on a life journey in changing the world- MUSICALLY.

Well, after graduating college, I was sucked into the corporate world. And boy, was that quite a show! I can confidently say that my acting skills were put to work  in corporate America. Every day I put on a mask and made sure I played the role of a perfect employee, which made me realize the 9-5 grind was not the life I wanted to live! It was obvious that my eclectic personality, extensive musical theater puns library in my brain and big hair was too much to be contained in an office.

When I am not performing or in front of the camera, I am volunteering. Every year, I travel to a different country to volunteer as a music theater instructor at underprivileged schools and orphanages. So far, I have taught in Amzmiz, Morocco, Cuzco, Peru, Nairobi, Kenya,  Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Dominican Republic- just to name a few.

So what is next? I dedicating my life to serving smiles across world through art and wellness. Besides, too many smiles is not a bad thing after all!